In this performance, I dance in circles connecting the spectators to each other with a red thread. When the spool of thread is fully unfolded I collect the parts of the thread from the floor and stand in the middle of the circle. I turn around simultaneously tying the thread to myself and bringing the participants closer and closer to myself and each other. The performance is over when everybody is pressed to my body without any possibility of escape. Engaging with the Greek myth of Ariadne saving Theseus from sacrificial death in the labyrinth, this performance explores the possibilities of intimacy and collective survival in our contemporary culture of alienation and exclusion. Is there a space for comradeship and communal support in late-capitalist societies? Is there a way out of the labyrinth of estrangement and isolation that became a norm of our everyday existence?

Photo credit:   Ricardo de la Fuente


Universidad ARCIS, DEFORMES International Biennale of Performance, Santiago, Chile, 2016