Braces Horror Stories, Multi-media performance

Collaborative artists: Tatiana Koroleva, Zachary Keebaugh
Buffalo Infringement Festival, El Museo Gallery, Buffalo, NY, USA , 2007 

Braces Horror Stories is a compilation of biographical texts about physical deviance interpreted as a performance consisting of two monologues. 
August 3, 2007:  I feel sick.  Somebody puts a hand on my shoulder.  I turn back.  My cause has too many unforeseen effects.  I don't quite get the "big picture."  Should I start shooting speed??
May 28, 2008:  [extended segment]  I want to start my life from the very beginning.  I want a new name, new face, new body, new hair color, new dreams, new pet, new friends, new mother and father, new mail box, new addictions, new habits, new sexual dreams, new time to wake up, new skin color, new smell, new false identity, new origin, new feet smell, new blood pressure, new illnesses, new taste of saliva, new circulatory system, new fears, new complexes, new obsessions, new political beliefs, new favorite socks, new way of washing my genitals, new pockets on my red coat.
Year 0:  She repeats she is a "typical middle class bitch" with a "polite smile and restricted gestures."  She "never gets drunk."  Ok!  Imagine two people’s mind flows limited by patterns of social idiotism!
August  2, 2007 BC: I wear dirty white shorts and an undershirt made in the USSR. Grandma’s country house. Smell of wet grass and gooseberries. I run down the path with my hands wide open and sing “there is nothing better in life then traveling around the world with my friends.” My mum laughs. Apparently she had seen that commercial too. (text: Tatiana Koroleva and Zachary Keebaugh)