Exit/ Entry Performance Art Series, Montreal, QC 2021

This performance explores the variety of shapes and dimensions of connection. Coming out from the period of isolation, we are searching for meaningful experiences of connecting and re-connecting to our own bodies, the self, the other, the human, and the universal. The paradox of inter-personal connection is rooted in the simple logic: without a meaningful connection to the self, a heartfelt connection to the external world is compromised. However, as a society rooted in the cult of over-productivity, external success and public achievement, we often resist solitude and loathe the so-called “undesirable” and “unsuccessful” parts of our identities – vulnerability, softness and an ultimate fragility of human existence. Looking to break the globally accepted cycles of self-imposed violence, this performance taps into the potential of the inner body and explore a more constructive vision of vulnerability as a source of ultimate creativity and connection.
What happens when we stop pushing ourselves to perform and succeed in predictable ways?
What remains of us when we remove our socially acceptable roles and masks of professionalism?
What do we discover when we accept the inner complexity of each human being who crosses our path and attempt to connect to the other profoundly and meaningfully?
The work calls for responsibility in realizing the interconnected world and in acting with the sense of knowing that our every action is reflected and manifested in the multiplicity of ways on this planet, affecting the existence of each and everyone of us.

Event in collaboration with Yesenia Fuentes and Ilinca Domsa.