Je suis Augustine, Performance and Video Installation

Collaborative Artists: Tatiana Koroleva, Sorouja Moll, Myriam Suchet

FOOT festival, Toronto, ON, Canada, 2010

A woman in a night gown crawls on the floor with the speed of a compact racing car; in another frame - a little girl eats tomatoes violently crashing them before putting them in the mouth…virgin Mary wrapped in the hospital blankets stares between her open legs; her twin sister makes a bed for invisible Christ … Bits and pieces of the body – neck, wrist, mouth, belly – are growing and contracting in an unrecognizable scale. Figures talk, fight, seduce each other, but never meet in the space of one screen. 
Performing unstable fluid personalities the figure of Augustine proposes free circulation of subjectivities as an alternative to the fixed mode of being. Exploring the stereotypes on femininity - a virgin, a mother, a slut, a nymphet, a spinster, a wife, Augustine enacts the absence of central identity. Playing the game of continuous construction and deconstruction of fake subjectivities Augustine engages the viewer in the process of interrogation: what is it to be a subject? How can one have "a personality"? Is there a focal point of being which can be reduced to subjectivity?