PippyBubble Performance

Collaborative artists: Tatiana Koroleva (text, performance) with Me&Marta (sound)

Body Navigation International Festival of Contemporary Dance, Yakobson Theatre, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2006

Urban poetry staged as a ritualistic performance. The images of people's alienation in the big city intertwine with surrealist texts, industrial sounds and the theater of the absurd.


People dance aloofly Showing off their bodies Trying to relax while feeling My eyes spying on them from the corner of the room.
One girl is completely drunk and screams like an animal in a slaughterhouse. People dance trying to look attractive, They smile, shake, swing, take off their t-shirts, Smelling like alcohol, sweat, antiperspirant, Expensive perfume and hair spray. They dance holding their drinks in their right hands. Sometimes, very rarely, people dance together. People dance and get wasted Trying to find someone who would fell for them. ​
A piece of a plastic bag in the elevator shaft looks like a freezing toddler. I imagine I am lying in the elevator shaft listening to the steps of the neighbourhood crones going up and down the stairs. I close my eyes and imagine I am an old woman, who was slowly losing her mind in the apartment # 3. I imagine that every day at 4, 6 and 8 pm I leave my apartment to check the locks on the doors of my neighbours. I imagine I am a cashier in a supermarket, I imagine my fingers with the bloody red nails running on the screen of the cash register. I imagine I am a teenager buying a pack of Marlboro and a bottle of vodka. I shy away from her demanding eyes, grab my purchases and leave the store. I imagine I am a security guard staring at my cell phone I feel the boredom of mid-afternoon, the smell of dead meat and vegetables. My hangover is an open wound. I imagine I am a red dog leashed to the lamp pole. I am waiting for my fat lethargic owner shopping for Festal at the corner pharmacy. I imagine I urinate on my feet while ceaselessly wagging my tail.