Quetzalcoatl, multi-media performance

Collaborative artists: Tatiana Koroleva  with SeonHyoung Kim

Rust Belt Gallery, Buffalo, NY, USA, 2007

Quetzalcoatl investigates the genre of oral storytelling as the most ancient and intimate form of art. I tell the story of the feathered snake Quetzalcoatl while “baking” the universe from the freshly prepared dough – the starts, the sun, the rain, the human beings. A Mexican legend intertwines with my autobiographical narratives, poetry and singing. The creation and the collapse of my mini-universe created on stage is just a reflection of the universal law of Quetzalcoatl. Nothing remains the same, all beings are trapped in continuous cycles of birth and death.  Love, longing, passion, desire, grieve, attachment, and suffering inevitably fade.  The performance is a reminder of temporality of human existence and of inescapability of death.